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Personal Injury

Personal injury can occur in a number of situations, from accidents on the road, slips and trips, to accidents in public places, to environmental accidents or accidents in the work place. If you have suffered a personal injury that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to personal injury claims compensation.

Clinical Negligence

We should be proud of the standard of healthcare in the UK and the fact that in the main, it is of a very high standard however, there are massive amounts of patients receiving medical treatment every day and it is inevitable that sometimes things will go wrong.

Therefore, if you have suffered Medical Negligence, Dental Negligence or Clinical Negligence then you do need to choose a solicitor who specialises in these areas.

Those who work in the medical or dental fields have a ‘duty of care’ to ensure their patients receive the correct and most appropriate treatment.


A different approach to ‘Non-Fault’ Accident Management

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Cavity Wall Insulation Claims

In recent years’ hundreds of thousands of properties have been fitted with cavity wall insulation. This was, in the main, as part of a government backed scheme offered by energy suppliers. Cavity wall insulation, when correctly installed at suitable properties in accordance with industry guidance, ought to reduce the amount of heat escaping through the property’s walls and ultimately lead to a considerable saving in energy bills.


There are many different types of areas in which you may experience medical negligence, including a vast array of specific injuries for which you will need expert legal assistance to make a claim.
Our experienced team of medical negligence solicitors have the requisite expertise across all of the areas listed below, understand the problems you are going through and will ensure that you will be able to secure the result you deserve for any claim that you make.

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