If you have suffered physical or psychological discomfort because of another person or organisation's negligence then you can claim compensation for injury.

If you are in doubt about whether you can claim call us on 0151 236 0036

Should I contact anyone before making my claim:
You Should always obtain any medical advice you require as soon as possible.

Do not contact your insurance until you have spoken to us.

Do not contact any claims management company.

This depends on the nature of your claim, but our aim is to get you maximum compensation in the quickest time possible.

Call us and we'll do the rest. The only thing you have to do is attend a medical.

Our service is conducted on a no win no fee.

Every claim is different but we can guarentee that you will receive the MAXIMUM COMPENSATION

There is some paperwork but we are here to explain and answer any queries you may have.

This is usually not required in most cases.

Most claims are settled without having to go to court. Even in the most complicated cases our Solicitors usually manage to obtain a successful outcome without the courts intervention.

For any further questions - Please get in touch.