Cavity Wall Insulation Claims

In recent years’ hundreds of thousands of properties have been fitted with cavity wall insulation. This was, in the main, as part of a government backed scheme offered by energy suppliers. Cavity wall insulation, when correctly installed at suitable properties in accordance with industry guidance, ought to reduce the amount of heat escaping through the property’s walls and ultimately lead to a considerable saving in energy bills.
However, it appears that cavity wall insulation at a very large number of properties were installed negligently and not complying industry guidance or that which ought to be reasonably expected from a competent installer.
Also, it appears, not all properties are suitable for cavity wall insulation but was installed anyway. Cavity wall insulation can be inappropriate for properties which are subject to adverse weather conditions i.e. close to the coast/sea, wet, prone to dampness and/or darkness. Despite all of the guidance provided, some installation companies proceeded regardless and installed insulation at the unsuitable properties.
Due to the negligent installation, the property owners have noticed serious issues with their properties i.e. severe mould, damp, bad smell caused by dampness, condensation, damage to carpets/furniture and even health problems such as respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma. If these problems had not been present prior to the installation of the cavity wall insulation.
Most of these problems do not become noticeable for some years after the incorrect installation of the cavity wall insulation. In these circumstances, it is necessary to remove the insulation, which can potentially involve removing part of the outer walls and, depending on how severe the problems are, replacing damaged inner walls etc. This can come at a considerable cost and inconvenience to the property owner.
If you have had cavity wall insulation installed at your current property and believe that this was not done in accordance with industry guidance or that your property was in fact unsuitable to have that insulation installed and that, as a result, you have suffered damage to your property or suffered health problems such as those outlined above, Samuels Law Solicitors will be able to offer free advice on making a claim for compensation. Such a claim may include compensation for:

• Cost of extraction and re-installing insulation and subsequent re-decoration
• Cost of damage to furniture and other items
• Inconvenience
• Ill-health effects
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